We can't change their past, but we can help them heal and regain agency over their lives.

Why donate to INARA?

Treating conflict-impacted children is a complicated, lengthy, and expensive process. INARA has been helping children in need for years now. A donation to INARA can make a huge difference to their lives. To help you understand what your donation to INARA could mean for a vulnerable or refugee child in need, we’ve explained below.

The impact

$15 This would pay for a child’s medicine costs for an entire week. A medication that can prevent burns from getting any more infected and stop sepsis.

$50 This covers the cost of an x-ray so that doctors could better diagnose an orthopedic injury and provide a better medical plan.

$100 Transportation for a child to get to and from speech therapy sessions. This will help a child to learn to speak and interact with others.

$300 One child’s recovery time in a hospital bed for about half a day.

$500 This could pay for a small surgery that will allow a child to go back to school.

$1,000 This could pay for a slightly more complicated surgery such as removing scar tissue so a child can move freely again

$7000 is the average cost of treating an INARA child from start to finish.

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Help children heal
Help them go back to school
Give children a better and healthier future
Help them process their traumas

Make a change

Fund life-saving, life-changing medical care. Your donation can help us to significantly improve a child’s life.

Create a monthly subscription

When you donate monthly, you become a part of a select group of individuals who are helping to save children’s lives.

Donate for someone you love

Donate to INARA on behalf of someone you love, and you can give a child the gift of hope for a better future.