Wassim: a life changing experience

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Wassim has a very large family. All of them have fled the war and took refuge in Lebanon where they have been living for a few years now.

A few Christmases ago, all of them were celebrating, in the small cramped up apartment where Wassim and his 9 siblings live.

Gathered around the fireplace, they were laughing and celebrating when Wassim knocked a huge pot of boiling tea over himself.

Wassim sustained severe burns to his legs, which ended up impeding his movements.

His parents tell us that from this day onwards, they witnessed the birth of a new Wassim, more reclused, less likely to smile and play.

His mother tells us that any movement, like walking or sitting was too painful for him. They hated to see their child in agony, and were desperate to find him help.

They tried to take him to a hospital in Saida, but they had no expertise in treating burns. The family didn’t know where to go or who to ask for help, since the treatment of burns, even for Lebanese citizens was expense and not available everywhere.

His wounds were getting infected, which was very dangerous for his overall well-being.

Wassim was referred to INARA, and when we saw the extent of his injury, and the toll it was taking on him and his family, we took him for a first assessment at one of our partner hospitals and decided to sponsor him.

Wassim underwent his surgery and was coming in to get checked and get a dressing change at our partner medical facility in Beirut. He was then fitted with a garment to allow his wound to heal. Today Wassim is doing much better: he can walk, run, play around and even go to school again without being in pain while doing everyday tasks! His mother told us how happy she was and how she dreamed of the day her son would feel like himself again! She saw a glimpse who he was before getting burned.

Doctors working with us advised he may need reconstructive surgeries as he grows, and as his skin expands. Our case workers are in contact with his family and Wassim will be coming in for a check-up soon to determine the next step to take.

All of this experience was life-changing for Wassim, who is finally able to live with dignity, without needing anyone’s help to go to the toilet, or wear his clothes. He has a future filled with possibilities, after INARA’s intervention changed the course of his life…