Tyler Hawkins Fundraiser for INARA

I’ve really only ever worked with kids who have experienced trauma, and I’m always blown away by their ability to essentially protect themselves–and saddened by the necessity to do so. When images of Syria’s panicked and traumatized children hit the news years ago, I was almost paralyzingly heartbroken for them. How do they go on after that??? How do ANY of the children of war ever sleep again???

INARA is a non-profit that provides access to life-altering medical and mental health care to conflict impacted children. These children are injured or traumatized by the horrors of war, in the aftermath of conflict, or due to unsafe living conditions.

Since learning of INARA years ago, I have looked up to its founder: journalist and humanitarian, Arwa Damon. As a reporter for CNN, she seemed to speak the language and effortlessly follow the customs of each country she visited, and when I realized she was the person behind INARA, I loved her even more.

Check out her recent blog post! HERE

The organization is currently offering rapid assistance to those in Syria, Turkey, and Ukraine–but they continue work with children (and teens!!) from all over, until they reach safety and stability–and then follow up some more!

For my birthday, I’m asking friends and family to please consider making a donation to INARA.

Thank you ❤️