Save Omar's Life!

Omar is a 10 years old boy who was born with a congenital cranial malformation called Trigonocephaly, due to this condition Omar’s brain continues to grow but the frontal bones are not able to expand compressing the brain and causing a life-threatening situation.

Omar needs an urgent surgical intervention to save his life.

Omar's Story

Omar is a smart little boy, living with in a small apartment with his siblings and parents in North Lebanon. He was born with a cranial malformation: his skull and brain aren’t growing simultaneously, which is leading to compression of his brain and nervous system, affecting his motor and cognitive skills.

However, Omar is very active, he loves to play and challenge his big brother to all sorts of things. He goes to school as much as his condition allows him to, even though he is subjected to bullying due to looking different… He comes home all sad, telling his mother the cruel words he hears from children who think he doesn’t look “normal”.

He developed epilepsy not long ago, and his parents are finding it harder and harder to buy his medications with his father working as a bus driver trying to make ends meet to feed his family of 7. Sometimes Omar can’t close or open his eyes properly, or go to the toilet whenever he wants, due to his dysregulated nervous system.

Today, the doctors say if Omar doesn’t urgently undergo a craniectomy, he will eventually lose his sight, and his brain might not be able to take the pressure of his skull compressing it… This little boy, full of life, is in critical condition today, with his life on the line, if INARA does not step in, providing him with this urgent life-changing surgery that will eventually save his life and allow him to have a future.

According to our partner doctors, Omar’s full treatment plan will cost around $12,000 today.

We count on you to change the course of Omar’s life, and help INARA instill life-altering change to this little boy’s life before it is too late.

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Saving Omar