Rasha: dodging explosions and air raids

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Rasha and her family were living in Syria a few years ago dodging the explosions and air raids until one day warplanes were flying loudly around their area and chaos ensued…

Rasha lost family members close to her heart and was severely burned herself. She was left in agonizing pain, with nowhere to go and get treated.

On top of the loss she went through, her injuries were left unattended. The family fled Syria looking for a safe haven to bandage their wounds and care for one another away from what was surely the worst day of their life.

In Turkey, Rasha was still denied the care she was in desperate need of as her parents could barely make ends meet, let alone pay thousands of dollars for her extensive treatment.

Rasha needs laser treatments as well as a surgery to free the skin around her knee so she can move properly again. Her family met with our team in Gaziantep, who welcomed Rasha as one of the children INARA is sponsoring and immediately began drafting out a plan for her recovery!