Partnership with EMS to support Gazans

Gaza, News

Part of our Rapid Response for Gaza, INARA’s latest initiative includes a pivotal partnership with the Egyptian Medical Syndicate (EMS), aiming to aid Gazan evacuees and stranded families in Egypt as well as hospitals in Gaza.

INARA has launched a medical program for Gazans in Egypt, and the EMS will assist us in accessing specialized public and private hospitals for treatment.

This collaboration also entails the establishment of a team of volunteer doctors across various specialties to assist INARA in offering consultations and guidance to Gaza hospitals, alongside a temporary helpline in Egypt. Key components of the partnership involve needs assessment and referral services, mental health and psychosocial support, advocacy efforts, and information exchange. EMS will work closely with INARA to ensure evacuee families, especially children, receive appropriate medical care and support, including access to pediatric specialists when needed, mental health services tailored for children, advocacy for their rights, and capacity building through information sharing and training workshops.

This partnership is a crucial step in addressing the complex needs of Gazan evacuees and highlights a collaborative effort toward enhancing their well-being and access to essential services.