Ali Mashayekhi

Ali Mashayekhi is the president of Landed Entertainments, a Canadian based film production company.  Ali has produced over 50 films around the world since 2003 including; Japan, Indonesia, USA, Netherlands and France.

Ali is also the Executive Director of the Ethnically Diverse Artists (EDA) Foundation, a non-profit and charitable organization founded by Mena Massoud, which aims to inspire inclusivity and diversity in the arts.

Most recently Ali has produced the award-winning short film Liminal (2020) the feature anthology An Assortment of Christmas Tales in no Particular Order (2019) and the award-winning short web-series Day Players.

In Fall of 2021 Ali will be producing a Stephen King short story adaptation based on Sherlock Holmes, The Last King, entirely in the Farsi language. This Farsi adaptation will star Maz Jobrani (A Simple Wedding), Navid Negahban (Homeland) and Shiva Negar (American Assassin).