My first glimpse of Ahlam was of her knee deep in that mud water – Arwa Damon reports

Rapid Response

Video from INARA’s President and Founder Arwa Damon From North West Syria

“My first glimpse of Ahlam was of her knee deep in that mud water. She slipped her way towards us, friendly, chatty, but her voice was shaking with – I wouldn’t quite call it anger and despair isn’t something strong enough – but there was something in her voice, almost as if she was fighting back those sorts of tears and pain that start deep in your gut. She’s tough, this young woman, but really how much can a person take? Her family used to have a farm before bombs forced them to flee that. She works the fields here with the other women in the family and they still haven’t been able to lift themselves out of life in a tent and into a house. Now that life is also gone. The family is kind, gracious, and generous. And if I hadn’t needed to go and distribute more to other locations, I probably totally would have said yes to the invite to stay the night.
It’s a bit strange and hard to describe, how grateful I am to all of you who have donated to my charity INARA which allowed us to do something for these families.
Huge shout out to “Kids Paradise” efforts in our joint distribution the last few days. In addition to the blankets, kits and food that you see here, we’re also providing those that lost everything in the floods with clothes.