Majd: consequences of unsafe living conditions

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Majd’s father was trying to turn the stove on to make a hearty meal for his family, when it short-circuited and exploded. The parents as well as Majd were all burned. Majd was taken to a hospital in Syria where she stayed for 5 days with no single medical intervention. Her condition went from bad to worse, as an infection began to spread due to her unattended wounds. She was transferred to Turkey immediately where she stayed in the hospital for 2 months to treat the painful life-threatening infection she was battling. Majd sustained burns to her face, shoulders, arms and hands. She cannot eat properly nor open her eyes as she should.

Her condition is critical and she needs different surgeries alongside an extensive laser treatment. The pain and discomfort this little girl feels are certainly more than a girl her age can- or should have to live with.

At INARA we are sponsoring Majd’s treatment and will be walking by her side step by step until her treatment is finally over.