Leonardo Antonio Avezzano

INARA Ambassador

Adventure Filmmaker, Photographer and Explorer, Leonardo documents the adventure of life and explores the human potential. Carrying a camera to areas very few people can. He lives, breathes, and takes an active part in the variety of assignments and personal projects he undertakes. His expedition documentary has led him around the world, from mountains to deserts, where Leonardo is most comfortable, and where he thrives as both an image-maker and an explorer. He focuses his visual storytelling on matters linked to nature and personal challenges to advocating Positive Change.

Through this partnership with INARA, Leonardo will be able to help us spread the word and raise awareness about the children of INARA and the life-altering medical care we offer.

“For me climbing a mountain is always something deep that moves me. It isn’t only about getting to the summit and standing on top. It is about seeing that more people encouraged me and believed in the cause I am climbing for. Climbing a mountain is a challenge, a self-discovery journey, a road where you take from nature and the environment and give back to society. It is something that makes you grow immensely as a human being. For me when you capture a moment on a mountain, you capture the emotion of the moment: the world is exactly as you see it in the picture”