Arwa Damon

INARA's President & Co-Founder

Arwa Damon is an multi award-winning journalist and president and co-founder of the International Network for Aid, Relief, and Assistance (INARA), a nonprofit organization that focuses on building a network of logistical support and medical care to help children who need lifesaving or life-altering medical treatment in war-torn nations.

Until June 2022, Damon was a senior international correspondent based in CNN’s Istanbul bureau. During her sixteen years at CNN, she reported from across the Middle East, including extensive coverage of Iraq and Syria, Africa, and Asia.

After all that she witnessed in warzones and how children were impacted, Arwa launched INARA in 2015. INARA’s incredible impact has been recognized by several awards, including the 2017 James W. Foley Humanitarian Award; the World of Children’s 2017 Crisis Award; the Syrian-American Medical Society’s Humanitarian Award; and Time Warner’s 2016 Richard Parsons Community Impact Award and Excellence in Service Award.

“I am beyond excited for this Kilimanjaro expedition. Mountains have a special kind of magic, and I cannot wait to see how that magic touches our climbers who have had their lives impacted by extreme violence.”

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