Another acclimatization hike up to 4200m today, We’re at that point where you realize that you actually have no idea how hard the next few days are going to be.
Mostafa our expedition leader keeps drilling “eat, drink, sleep”. It’s all about having the mental fortitude to push through what can feel impossible.
The team is ok, Safa wavering on whether she can continue. We’re so proud of her for getting this far — 4200m!!! Insane accomplishment for someone who has never even properly hiked before.
None of this would happen without our amazing porters. The tram carrying Adnan are just total rockstars. Actually, they all are. They carry our packs when we are tired, schlep and make sure our duffels are in our bunks, feed us the best food, and they do it all with the best of spirits and smiles.
Thank you everyone for your support, we still need you, INARA needs you, the conflict impacted children we treat need you! We are at around $117,000 now out of our $700,000 goal. Please support and donate on Also help us spread the word follow INARA and hashtag #Kili2022 for photos, videos and updates.

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