It’s been rough today – especially for Safa who was telling Tania that she was flashing back to 7 years ago when she was burned and could smell it. But she feels as if it’s going to pass…
We’re about half way to camp 2 and Tania is focusing on her breathing and listening to the birds. She says she’s going to take advantage of this experience to gather her strength for when she has to go back down. She spoke yesterday with her mother – who is OK but she was told that an explosion went off close to her step father who she adores and he’s lost hearing in his ear.
As for Shaqayeq, she’s tired but as she said before “ I am doing this for something bigger than me”
Adnan’s special chair has been repaired and the terrain is kinder than it was on the first day. But that doesn’t mean this is easy for him. Due to his paralysis his body already struggles with oxygen circulation and he gets colder faster than the rest of us. So the higher we go and the less oxygen there is the harder it is on his body. He also lives with constant pain.


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