The Mission

Raise $700,000 to treat 100 conflict impacted children.

Help conflict impacted children reach their summits!

This Mt. Kilimanjaro Climb is all about raising money for children impacted by conflict to show them they are truly not alone. It is about showing them that when we come together, no challenge is unsurmountable. The message you send by donating is of the utmost importance, because you are showing a child whose life has been destroyed by an event he cannot control, that life doesn’t stop there, life goes on, and the future can be as bright as he can make it up to be. The children we treat face many difficulties, both emotionally and physically.

Remember, your donations, no matter how small, can make a huge difference in their lives!

5,895 m

To the highest peak in Africa

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Meet the team

& read their stories

Shaqayeq Sahar Ebrahimkhil

19 years old. Afghanistan


24 years old. Syria

Tatiana Tverdoklib

23 years old. Ukraine


19 years old. Syria

Arwa Damon

INARA's President & Co-Founder

Leonardo Antonio Avezzano

INARA Ambassador

Mostafa Salameh

The expedition leader

Mostafa Salameh is a renowned mountaineer who was born a refugee to Palestinian parents in Jordan. Salameh is one of only 20 people to climb the Seven Summits and reach the South Pole and the North Pole – known as the ‘Explorers Grand Slam’ and skied Greenland from north to south.

On his adventures, Mostafa climbs for a purpose. In the spirit of helping others, he launched several successful initiatives that raised over 5 million dollars for charity.

The Social wall

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The Climb

Current Location


Arusha Mandara Hut Horombo Hut Kibo Hut Uhuru Peak


Arusha rest day and gear check.
Full day safari and a visit to the Masai village

Mandara Hut

Mandara Hut (8,858ft / 2,700m) - Acclimatization day / Rest. Elevation Gain:
700 meters (2,200 feet) Walking Time:3-4 hours Distance: 5km

Horombo Hut

Horombo Hut (12,140ft / 3700m) - Acclimatization day / Rest. Elevation Gain:
700 meters (2,200 feet) Walking Time:3-4 hours Distance: 5km

Kibo Hut

Kibo Hut (15420ft / 4700m)

Uhuru Peak

Uhuru Peak 5,895 m
This is the highest peak on one of Kilimanjaro's 3 volcanic cones & stands at 19,354 ft.

The Blog

Arwa Damon blogs live from Kilimanjaro