INARA’s work and beneficiaries were significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.


To step in and help those suffering, INARA launched an emergency appeal to raise funds in order to distribute hygiene and food packages to vulnerable refugee families. INARA was able to give packages to 1,500 refugee families in Turkey and Lebanon.

To quantify and accurately report on the effects of the pandemic, INARA conducted a study of 129 refugee families to ascertain the challenges and conditions of refugee families in Lebanon during the pandemic. The study found that relief services were drastically reduced and families had reduced and/or limited access to basic goods and services, livelihood opportunities, protection, health, and education. Families reported increased stress, with 79.1% of families losing their jobs, and 92.2% of families incurring new financial debts due to COVID-19. Additionally, 69.8% of children were not continuing their education at home during this time and 82.9% of children experienced negative psychological effects due to the lockdown. The full study and its results were published in the Journal of Global Health.