Rapid Response: INARA for Ukraine


Based on Arwa Damon’s, first-hand experience reporting on the ground in Ukraine and the surrounding countries, INARA has identified gaps to fill at this stage of the war.

INARA has a wealth of experience dealing with conflict related pediatric mental trauma. While there has been an extraordinary effort to provide emergency supplies, what is needed is mental health support. As an initial response we are building a program to provide consultations and trainings specific to mental health professionals, social workers, and others who are directly working with children on the ground.

We will also be working to facilitate the efforts of small NGOs in neighboring countries who are focusing on vulnerable children, such as orphans. These NGOs are not equipped to host the influx of children, nor do they have the mechanisms in place to accept international donations.

The situation is extremely fluid. We will be adapting our work to the situation that we are confronted with and the gaps that emerge in access to medical and mental health, while looking for other gaps that we can fill even if outside of our usual scope of operations.