Housing & Sustainable Livelihood
for the
war victims of Gaza

Gaza Kinder Relief, in collaboration with INARA, is dedicated to the injured displaced families of Gaza in Ankara Turkey. These funds will instill that these families are provided with all the necessities to live a dignified life in Turkey.

Following the conflict in Gaza injured children and their families have been evacuated to Turkey for medical treatment. Upon completion of treatment in Turkish hospitals, these families will receive temporary residence in Turkey until their safe return becomes viable. INARA aims to sponsor families, providing housing, food stipends, and clothing, while also coordinating the following initiatives

Relocation of families in Sanliurfa province. INARA operates a community hub equipped for developmental and integration activities.

Offer mental health and psychosocial support services to assist both children and families in maintaining their mental well-being.

Provision of language classes for children to enroll in governmental schools.

Facilitation of skills development programs for caregivers to attain sustainable livelihoods.

Organization of integration activities for families to assimilate within the Turkish community.

INARA with the help of the Gaza Kinder Relief team, will ensure these families are adequately prepared to resume a normal life in Turkey during the one-year support period.

100% of your donations will go towards this life altering intervention.

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