INARA launched its Rapid Response for Gaza to address the medical and mental health needs of children in communities impacted by the current situation in Gaza. 


For Gazans and Gazan evacuees


Supporting people inside the Gaza strip.


Supporting stranded & evacuated families.


Supporting evacuated families.


A holistic intervention

Aimed at supporting people in Gaza, and Gazan families evacuated to other countries.

Surgeries, pre and post op treatment, medical follow-ups and prosthetics

INARA is providing medical case management and care coordination including the financial expenses of surgeries, comprehensive pre- and post-operative care, medical follow-ups, and prosthetics for injured children evacuated from Gaza in collaboration with medical facilities and authorities in Egypt and Türkiye.

Recreational, Psychosocial, Educational, and Sports activities. Play therapy, Art therapy, and Music therapy.

INARA conducts several MHPSS activities including recreational, therapeutic (Art Therapy), psychosocial, sports, and educational aiming to address the psychological and emotional wellbeing of children in communities impacted by war. These culturally appropriate activities are specifically tailored to the children’s age and backgrounds, which provide a safe space for children to freely express and validate their emotions, and promotes their physical and mental health.

Diapers for Children to help maintain hygiene, reducing the risk of infections and providing comfort for both the babies and their caregivers.
Dignity Kits and reusable period underwear for mothers to support the personal hygiene and dignity, particularly in challenging conditions of shelters and temporary settlements.
Baby Formula for newborns to ensure they receive the necessary nutrition, especially in situations where breastfeeding might be difficult due to deprivation, displacement, and factors affecting the mothers.
Nutritional Biscuits for Children fortified with essential vitamins and minerals helping to maintain their energy levels and nutritional intake, specifically following the psycho-social activities.
Food Parcels are distributed in times where families can’t afford to provide necessary protein intake for their children, these parcels are specifically tailored to include nutritional items that serve for at least two weeks.

Housing, Cash Assistance, and informal education

INARA is providing housing for evacuated and stranded Gazan families, along with monthly stipends, which lifts the financial burden on families and provide a sense of normalcy and stability, it also helps children develop in a safe environment.

Since October, 2023, the children are deprived of formal education, which impacts their long-term educational development, leaving them with delays in their schooling. Our program facilitates informal education for these children to develop the necessary skills that will enable them to return to their age-appropriate classes or a potential accelerated learning program when it’s feasible to return.


100% of your donations go to children.

Your entire donation goes toward funding our rapid response intervention in Gaza, whether it is for medical, mental health, food, or non-food assistance.

INARA relies on individuals like you. Your donation, no matter how big or small, allows us to continue delivering life-altering services to people in Gaza and Gazan evacuees in other countries.

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