ACT FOR THE children. wounded. war impacted. traumatized. displaced.

We at INARA know what war weapons do to a child’s body. We also know that in the vast majority of cases, these injuries require multiple surgeries over years. We have seen this time and time again in the other areas where we operate. At INARA when we take on a case, we commit to the full treatment.

INARA needs to be prepared once we have access to Gaza.


Medical Supplies

Post-op Care

Mental Health

With our commitment to Leave No Child Behind, and to Filling in the Gaps of any humanitarian crisis, INARA had launched its Rapid Response to support through life-saving treatments and mental health support.

Listen to this audio note from Dr. Ghassan Abu Sitta.

Dr. Ghassan Abu Sitta, a renowned reconstructive surgeon and one of INARA’s founding members, volunteered in Gaza from October 9th to November 19th. Dr. Ghassan estimates that 40% of those injured are children. From the injuries that he’s been seeing, ranging from children whose bodies are more than half covered in burns, who have needed partial or full amputations, or whose limbs look like a shark has taken a bite out of them, he predicts that the vast majority will need years of surgeries and mental health support.

the eyes of the innocent deserve to see a better future,
we can give them that.

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Photos of children on this website were generated with artificial intelligence and virtual reality,
because "the reality" is too graphic.


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