We need to raise an initial $2,000,000 USD to be able to prepare ourselves to meet the medical and mental health needs of children in Gaza. We need to be ready for the enormity of this task. This money will go towards surgeries, medical supplies, post-operative care, and various mental health projects.

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Meet Baylassan…

Baylasan’s story is just one among countless cases arising from the ongoing conflict in Gaza.
Like many conflict-impacted children, Baylasan’s life would have taken a vastly different trajectory. Her infectious smile, delightful thoughts, boundless energy, and indomitable spirit would have contributed to a vibrant upbringing or a joyful childhood. However, she now finds herself at a critical juncture, grappling with the challenges of her current circumstances.

Don't turn your back on the children.

We at INARA know what war weapons do to a child’s body. We also know that in the vast majority of cases, these injuries require multiple surgeries over years. We have seen this time and time again in the other areas where we operate. At INARA when we take on a case, we commit to the full treatment.

INARA needs to be prepared once we have access to Gaza.

This monumental task cannot be accomplished without your direct contributions. It is crucial that we secure the initial funds to prepare for intervention the moment access to Gaza becomes possible. Additionally, we are actively establishing partnerships for our medical and mental health programs.


Medical Supplies

Post-op Care

Mental Health

Intervention in Gaza
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The Gaza Triplets

This is the story of three 4-year-old triplets orphaned by the war in Gaza. The three children are currently under the care of their uncle and have been evacuated from Gaza. INARA is co-sponsoring their treatment

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The Story of Kareem

Kareem’s story is just one of the countless survival stories emerging from the ongoing conflict in Gaza. Kareem was pulled from underneath the rubble, unfortunately, he lost his mother and his best friend… his sister Sabouha.

Distributing kits in Egypt

INARA volunteers distributed hygiene kits to children and their guardians who were evacuated from Gaza to hospitals across Egypt. The team also distributed toys, clothes and hygiene kits to children in Sinai
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Distributing Winter Clothes in Khan Younis

As part of our Rapid Response intervention for Gaza, we have partnered with the Palestinian Medical Relief Society to deliver winter clothes to children in several locations in Gaza, including Khan Younis.
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INARA's President & Founder
Arwa Damon

What many people don’t realize is that it’s at that moment when the bombs stop falling, when the dust has settled, that the vast majority of medical and mental health needs among children really begin to emerge.

And that is the moment that we need to be ready for.

ACT FOR THE children. wounded. war impacted. traumatized. displaced.

Dr. Ghassan Abu Sitta, a renowned reconstructive surgeon and one of INARA’s founding members, volunteered in Gaza from October 9th to November 19th. Dr. Ghassan estimates that 40% of those injured are children. From the injuries that he’s been seeing, ranging from children whose bodies are more than half covered in burns, who have needed partial or full amputations, or whose limbs look like a shark has taken a bite out of them, he predicts that the vast majority will need years of surgeries and mental health support.

the eyes of the innocent deserve to see a better future,
we can give them that.

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Photos of children on this website were generated with artificial intelligence and virtual reality, because "the reality" is too graphic.

INARA is a 501(c)3 non-profit. EIN: 46-5355232.

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