Distributing essential winter clothing


In response to the urgent and critical situation faced by children enduring the harsh winter conditions in Gaza, INARA initiated a targeted distribution of essential winter clothing as part of its rapid response program. This effort was conducted in close collaboration with its local partner, aiming to alleviate the immediate threats posed by the severe weather conditions.

Understanding the urgency and severity of the challenges faced by vulnerable children in Gaza, the distribution process incorporated an assessment of shelters. The primary goal was to identify and prioritize the most vulnerable children, ensuring a strategic and effective allocation of resources.

The initial phase of the initiative, covering 2000 of the most vulnerable children, marked a significant milestone in providing immediate relief by supplying winter clothing. However, INARA and its local partner recognize the persisting needs and the ongoing hardships faced by countless other vulnerable children in the region.

Acknowledging the limitations in the first round of distribution due to resource constraints, INARA, through its partner, is committed to continuing its efforts. This commitment includes addressing the immediate needs of additional vulnerable children in Gaza upon securing further funding resources.