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Dalal: The Miracle Baby

Dalal’s family was living in a tent in Syria when a fire spread and all of them were severely injured. She sustained very severe burn injuries to 90% of her body. Her and her sister were taken to a hospital nearby before being transferred to Turkey.

It was a race against time trying to save both sisters. However, Dalal’s sister didn’t make it… They lost her before making it to the hospital, but Dalal survived by miracle and was even called by media outlets “The Miracle Baby”.

Dalal was in the ICU for a very long time and underwent different surgeries in an effort to save her life. Her fingers are burned and stuck together, as they aren’t able to grow properly. Her situation was life-threatening because of her deep burn injuries, and her lungs and stomach that were affected by the fire.

But little Dalal is a warrior. Despite the odds, she started getting better and was finally able to eat and breath without help.

Dalal’s parents were frantically searching for help, and were afraid for their daughter who was always relapsing.

INARA heard about Dalal’s story and decided to step in and sponsor her. Several doctors working with us examined her and concluded she needs surgeries for her hands and reconstructive surgeries for her eyes, nose, forehead and mouth. She will also need laser treatment sessions after her facial reconstructive surgeries.

To this day, this little girl has undergone 25 laser sessions, an orthopedic surgery for her hands, and a facial reconstructive surgery for her eyelids, forehead, and mouth.

Dalal’s journey will be a long one, with more procedures to come in 2023.

INARA’s team is standing by her, encouraging her, and making sure she feels surrounded and supported during this long road towards recovery.

The doctors say we’ll need to wait till she grows up to be able to perform reconstructive surgery on her face again, but today, the rest of Dalal’s treatment will cost approximately between $20,000 and $28,000 as she is in need of extensive surgeries for her hands, based on the long-term treatment plan doctors set out for her.