Country Director – Türkiye


About INARA:

INARA, established in 2015, is a humanitarian organization dedicated to providing life-altering medical and mental health care for children affected by natural disasters, armed conflicts, and unsafe living conditions. Focusing on addressing the gaps in access to crucial services, INARA sponsors children of various nationalities in regions such as Lebanon, Ukraine, Syria, and Turkey. The organization employs a holistic approach, offering comprehensive medical assistance, mental health and psychosocial support, and community interventions to enhance the resilience and well-being of vulnerable children. INARA’s commitment extends to cases where programmatic gaps exist, stepping in when no other institution can provide the necessary assistance.

Through a global reach and a team of dedicated professionals, INARA aims to create a world where every child has the opportunity to lead a dignified life, overcoming the challenges imposed by natural and human-induced disasters. The organization’s mission centers on filling critical service voids and empowering children to heal, recover, and move forward despite the hardships they face

Job Summary:

The Country Director has overall responsibility and leadership of the Country Office’s performance, representing INARA in the country. Guide developing and implementing a relevant program strategy consistent with INARA’s global vision, ensuring effective and timely humanitarian response capacity. The role involves leading strategy development, change management, operational planning, and overseeing financial, operational, and human resource management, focusing on the safety and security of all Country Office and visiting INARA staff.

The Country Director will serve as a model for the systematic practice of INARA’s values and new ways of working, fostering innovation, building effective teams, coalitions, and networks, and promoting ongoing staff development to strengthen the organization’s resilience in the face of change.

In doing so, they will:

  • Ensure that INARA’s role in the country aligns with the organization’s global program strategy and continuously evolves to achieve the greatest impact and relevance in the operating context.
  • Position INARA as a partner of choice and an influential voice in altering lives through medical and MHPSS programs.
  • Lead the organizational changes required to align the Country Office with INARA’s global vision and strategy.
  • Lead and oversee the transformational changes required to align INARA in the Country with INARA’s program priorities, advocacy strategy, and operational models.
Application deadline: 29 February 2024
Send your CV and a cover letter to:


Key Responsibilities:

  1. Representation and Communications
  • Negotiate with the host government and ensure that the Country Office has the legal agreements needed to operate transparently, such as an updated mutually recognized country agreement as well as program-related agreements with the relevant line ministries.
  • Ensure that accurate and updated host government relations information is disseminated to INARA’s head office and relevant INARA members.
  • Ensure access to Country Office facilities and services for all INARA members.
  • Maintain an image of INARA in the country that is consistent with INARA’s mission, vision, and values and protect INARA’s interests and assets.
  • Build effective organizational relationships and networks with public, private, and NGO partners, and liaise with host government/donor government and other lead agency representatives.
  • Maintain effective communications and relationships with INARA members regarding program development, funding agreements, and staffing.
  • Provide regular reports to INARA’s head office on the affairs of the Country Office, including security.
  • Provide periodic reports to INARA members managing donor contracts in the Country Office according to the specific agreements.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the most current INARA Code and related INARA federation agreements by effectively implementing related provisions.
  • Maintain regular and transparent communication with INARA’s head office, INARA Members (IMs), and relevant INARA bodies.
  1. Program Development and Implementation
  • Guide the Country Office program staff in the identification of new programming opportunities, guided by INARA’s program strategy, donor, and host government priorities.
  • Develop and maintain a proposal development capacity, quality control system, and up-to-date pipeline tracking and reporting system.
  • Explore possibilities for diversifying program funding consistent with INARA’s Global Program Strategy through non-traditional partners, donors, and approaches.
  • Ensure, through regular monitoring of activities, effective project implementation and the use of best programming practices.
  • Ensure the Country Office’s full compliance with donor contractual requirements.
  • Implement an effective project implementation monitoring and evaluation system that allows for accurate donor reporting, timely course corrections, and learning and innovation.
  1. Emergency Preparedness & Response; Safety & Security
  • Ensure that the country office has an emergency preparedness plan in place and review it regularly in collaboration with INARA’s head office, the INARA Emergency Group, INARA Member Partners, and relevant in-country partners.
  • Set the tone for mature safety and security management, leading by example.
  • Ensure that the Country Office is implementing INARA safety and security standards, identify gaps, and ensure that gaps are filled in a timely manner.
  • Ensure that lapses in safety and security standard operating procedures are followed up at the appropriate levels of management.
  1. Country Office Strategic and Operational Planning and Implementation
  • Lead the development and implementation of the CO’s presence review and business plan, Annual Operating Plans (AOPs), regular CO performance reviews, and strategic planning reviews, taking into consideration INARA’s Global Program Strategy plan.
  • Lead regular and participatory senior management team (SMT) meetings to review the country office’s overall financial and operational performance.
  • Maintain and share regular analysis of the CO’s operating environment and its potential impact on the performance of the CO.
  • Provide leadership and strategic support on the development/strengthening of the CO’s role as an innovator and catalyzer, including developing genuine partnerships with local organizations and institutions and building evidence of INARA’s impact on policy and practice.
  • Ensure the CO has an effective impact measurement, learning, knowledge management, and communication system.
  1. Country Office Financial, Budget, and Administration Management
  • Oversee and provide support to program support and finance staff in the development of the CO’s annual budget as per INARA policies and procedures.
  • Ensure the financial viability of the CO to ensure that project budgets can cover the running costs of the CO and generate adequate indirect cost recovery (ICR) from existing and new projects. Monitor and analyze the CO cost structure, particularly in anticipation of changes in the program portfolio.
  • Ensure full compliance with donor regulations and terms of signed contracts and apply INARA financial procedures.
  • Ensure that the CO performance and audit results are satisfactory, recommendations from previous evaluations and audits are addressed, and show an overall improving trend.
  • Ensure that the risk register is maintained and issues are acted upon in a timely manner.
  • Ensure that financial exposure reports are maintained and reviewed on a monthly basis and communicated to INARA’s head office.
  • Ensure monthly balance sheet reviews, the completion of scorecards, and that recommendations are acted upon accordingly.
  • Submit other reports to INARA’s head office as requested.
  1. Human Resources Development and Management
  • Lead by example, communicate a clear vision to staff, provide leadership and inspiration to CO, counterparts, and partners, show accountability, and hold staff accountable for demonstrating INARA core values.
  • Ensure the completion of an annual staffing plan and provide support or lead recruitment efforts (with active support from INARA’s head office when appropriate) for national and international hires.
  • Ensure that the CO structure and the organization of units and workflows reflect the ongoing needs of CO operations.
  • Establish all HR policies and procedures in accordance with host country laws and legislation and review them on a regular basis. Ensure that HR policies are respected for expatriate personnel.
  • Ensure that national employees’ total compensation (salary and benefits) remains competitive with the local market and that voluntary turnover rates are kept to the minimum possible.
  • Adopt and lead effective employee relations and performance management systems by example, including timely and clear communication of expectations through updated job descriptions and operating plans, regular performance feedback, annual performance appraisals, coaching, and mentoring staff in decision-making, consistency, and coherence in recognition of merit.
  • Promote staff development and the maximization of local talent through coaching, mentoring, and active career development.
  • Create and maintain an inclusive team environment, including regularly established management team meetings and ad hoc committee structures in which input on key issues is sought from colleagues in open discussion.
  • Ensure staff adherence to the INARA Code of Conduct and promote People in Aid practices to the maximum extent possible.


Qualifications required:


  • Master’s degree in International Relations, Development Studies, Business Administration, or a related field.


  • Minimum of 10 years of progressive experience in international development and humanitarian affairs.
  • At least 5 years of senior management experience in a similar role, preferably with an international non-governmental organization (INGO).
  • Proven track record in leading successful program development, implementation, and management in complex humanitarian contexts.

Leadership and Management Skills:

  • Strong leadership skills with a demonstrated ability to lead and inspire a diverse team.
  • Proven experience in strategic planning, change management, and organizational development.
  • Excellent skills in financial management, budgeting, and administration.

Communication and Representation:

  • Exceptional negotiation and communication skills with the ability to represent the organization effectively to host governments, donors, partners, and other stakeholders.
  • Strong diplomatic skills and the ability to build and maintain effective relationships with various stakeholders.

Program Management:

  • Extensive experience in program development, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation.
  • Familiarity with emergency preparedness and response, safety, and security management in the humanitarian sector.

Financial and Administrative Management:

  • Solid understanding of financial management, budgeting, and compliance with donor regulations.
  • Experience in overseeing financial viability, risk management, and audit processes.

Human Resources Management:

  • Proven ability to lead and manage diverse teams, fostering a positive and inclusive work environment.
  • Knowledge of human resources policies and procedures, with an understanding of local labor laws.
  • Strong commitment to staff development and talent management.

Strategic Thinking:

  • Demonstrated ability to align the country office with the global vision and strategy of the organization.
  • Proven skills in strategic planning and the ability to adapt to changing operating environments.

Language Skills:

  • Proficiency in English (spoken and written) is essential. Knowledge of additional languages relevant to the operating context is an asset.

Personal Attributes:

  • Commitment to INARA’s mission, vision, and values.
  • Resilience and adaptability to navigate challenges in complex and dynamic environments.
  • High ethical standards and a commitment to integrity and transparency


Application deadline: 29 February 2024
Send your CV and a cover letter to: