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Arwa Damon Speech at 2023 ISOA Indo-Pacific Conference

      Thank you all for having me and choosing such a lovely setting. I want thank my friend Justine Rukeba from Emerald Group, and Howie Lind for inviting me to share my journey with you all.  I went free diving with sharks yesterday – no cage – it was marvelous, you all should […]

Safe Space Launch in Ukraine

In April 2023, after months of preparation with Mariupol Youth Union (MYU), our partner on the ground in Ukraine, INARA finally launched a Safe Space that will serve children forced to flee their homes due to the ongoing hostilities.  This Space will contribute to the integration of these displaced children and their families into new […]

This is the story of what life in North West Syria is and what it could be

INARA’s president and Founder Arwa Damon reports on the situation there from field, the sense of agony and abandonment among the people, and how the earthquake already crushed an already “crushed” population. Aid has been going in to North West Syria, but it has never been enough, and now the need is even bigger. INARA‘s […]

Ramadan for Turkey-Syria earthquake survivors carries a different meaning

In an article written for The National, Weam, one of our case workers at INARA talks about celebrating the Holy month of Ramadan in #Türkiye, for people who just like her, were displaced, and terrorized by the earthquake that hit #Türkiye and #Syria on February 6, 2023. Weam pours her heart out, reflecting on this […]

Sameh: A remarkable Journey

Sameh was at home with his parents when war planes hit his neighborhood, and home appliances fell on his head. As a result, he sustained a severe injury to his head that left him with an open skull wound as well as other numerous fractures. His injury was life threatening: His nervous system was affected, […]

Nawal: hearing for the first time

On a beautiful summer day, Nawal’s family decided to head to the river to have some fun. As soon as they stepped foot out of the house, they heard the familiar sounds of warplanes above them and ran back to find a place to hide. There were fights and bullets all around them. Suddenly, a […]

Rasha: dodging explosions and air raids

Rasha and her family were living in Syria a few years ago dodging the explosions and air raids until one day warplanes were flying loudly around their area and chaos ensued…

Taim: a critical surgery ahead

It was a normal day; nothing was out of the ordinary for Taim who would have never thought he would lose a person close to his heart out of the blue.