An update from our team in Beirut


Today, INARA’s team of certified paramedics, nurses and volunteers was deployed in Mar Mikhail, once a very vibrant street in the heart of the Beirut, which is now littered with rubble as it is located just across from the site of the explosion.

INARA’s field team set up a medical station offering first aid to volunteers coming from all over the country to help clear the area for civil defense forces in an effort to locate the missing. We also helped residents who sustained further injuries as they were desperately trying to save the very few belongings they have left.

It is not easy to set emotions and fear aside while working in the middle of the wreckage and falling debris, and in a city we call home struck by such a horrifying incident. But we are committed to professionally helping and supporting the most vulnerable through all means possible.

We value your support and donations to INARA on as we continue to respond to the national state of emergency in #Lebanon following the blast at Port of Beirut. There is still a great need for medical equipment, food, hygiene products and most important protection kits since coronavirus are spiking in Lebanon.