Ali Mshayekhi: INARA’s Lead Ambassador for Creative Initiatives


We are excited to announce our INARA Ambassador Ali Mshayekhi is now our Lead Ambassador for Creative Initiatives to spearhead and implement various philanthropic work within the Entertainment Industry.

Since joining INARA in 2021 Ali has curated several conventional fundraising events including script competitions and monologue slams as well as more outside-the-box approaches of convincing film producers to donate 1% of their project’s budget and pledging a portion of their profits to INARA.

As a filmmaker for the past 24 years within the independent scene, Ali has learned how to find creative and sustainable means to flourish within a historically difficult part of the entertainment industry and has merged these ideas and adapted them to be centralized around incorporating the entertainment industry in very specific projects to benefit INARA.


Ali, alongside his filmmaking colleagues, has directly raised tens of thousands of dollars through these entertainment-driven initiatives and will be introducing new and dynamic collaborations to bring further resources to INARA in the coming months.  First on the agenda is to produce a feministic sci-fi short film, funded by angel investors, starring the newest INARA ambassadors where a $50,000 donation will be part of the launch of this forthcoming reboot of “Entertainments X Philanthropy”. In the coming months, Ali will spearhead the search for new ambassadors from the international film industry scene to entice more community collaborations, personal awareness, and entertaining exhibitions of film with charitable results, something that is close to his heart and his passion.