Raising $30,000 by 30 January

to cover Ahmad's treatment

Ahmad is one among the countless victims of the conflict in Gaza. In the blink of an eye, he lost both of his parents and his brother and had to undergo the amputation of both his legs. INARA is teaming up with Gaza Kinder Relief to raise $30,000 by January 30, 2024 to supplement his ongoing treatment.

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Ahmad's Story

Ahmad tragically lost both of his parents and his brother in an airstrike in Beit Hanoun, Gaza, on October 8th, 2023. At just 4 years old, Ahmad struggled to immediately comprehend the gravity of what had happened to him. With little time to recover, he was hastily taken to a refugee camp with the remaining surviving members of his family.

In the camp, Ahmad’s uncle Saleh took him by his small hand for what should have been a routine run to the market. However, another airstrike at the market resulted in the death of his uncle and the tragic severing of both of little Ahmad’s legs.

Surviving two consecutive air strikes, Ahmad awoke as an orphan and a double amputee in Shuhada al-Aqsa hospital in Deir al-Balah, a town further south.

Emerging from surgery, Ahmad faced the harsh reality. The only available pain medication was Paracetamol, typically prescribed for headaches.

In addition to the loss of his parents, Ahmad had to be informed that his immediate guardian after his parents’ passing, his beloved uncle, had also succumbed to the second airstrike.

The unbearable news followed that both of Ahmad’s legs were now amputated. At only four years old, a child who had recently learned to walk must now embark on the challenging journey of learning to walk once again.

Ahmad’s surviving 26-year-old maternal uncle, Ibrahim, has assumed the role of his recent guardian and has never left Ahmad’s side since. He tenderly caresses little Ahmad’s face, attempting to provide comfort and distraction from the more difficult questions about his parents’ whereabouts.

Ibrahim has recently obtained permission to enter Cairo, Egypt, seeking urgent treatments for Ahmad’s amputations. Despite leaving his own wife and one-year-old baby girl behind in Gaza, Ibrahim has chosen to accompany his young nephew on this medical journey to Cairo.

INARA is teaming up with Gaza Kinder Relief to fundraise for Ahmad’s treatment. Gaza Kinder Relief is a coalition of dedicated individuals from all over the world working independently to extend support to the injured children of Gaza.

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Successfully Funded!

Thanks to your generous donations, Ahmad can now receive the medical and mental health treatment he needs.