In the wake of Afghanistan’s recent devastating earthquake, the International Network for Aid, Relief and Assistance – INARA is stepping forward to provide crucial assistance to the affected communities, drawing on its extensive experience from previous earthquake responses in Türkiye and Syria.
The Earthquake has left countless families without shelter, food, and medical care. Our mission is to extend a helping hand to those in dire need during this challenging time. By contributing to INARA’s fundraising efforts, you can make a real difference in the lives of the earthquake survivors. Your generous donations will go towards doing what INARA does best, we will focus our efforts on filling in the gaps in access to basic provisions, and medical and mental health care, and support to rebuild shattered lives.

Western Part of Afghanistan

Earthquake Magnitude 6.3

2500 Death toll

9000+ injured

30,000 impacted

How can you help?

Please consider making a donation to help INARA initiate a faster Rapid Response Intervention as time is very critical. Together, we can bring hope and healing to the resilient people of Afghanistan as they work to recover from this tragedy.

International Network for Aid, Relief and Assistance – INARA is a registered 501(c) non-profit