A Talk with Clarissa Ward on the Impact of War on Children and INARA’s Interventions


On may 11th 2022, CNN’s multi-award winning Chief International Correspondent Clarissa ward, hosted a talk at the Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery in London about the impact of war on children and the importance of the work INARA does helping them when no one else can. Ward shared her insightful personal experiences covering conflicts around the globe, most recently in Afghanistan and Ukraine, and explained what attracted her to the work INARA does and how she decided to join INARA as an ambassador.

“It really comes down to our humanity. The Resilience and the strength I have seen, particularly from mothers, in different war zones, in Syria, where I would watch these women, all through the night, there’s constant shelling, it doesn’t stop. It is terrifying. There are women in fetal positions, others praying. No one was getting any sleep, but still, you see these mothers get up in the morning, comb their daughter’s hair, and create this elaborate fantasy to allow their children to believe the situation was nowhere near as dire and deadly as it was…” explained Ward.

Arwa Damon, Co-Founder of INARA and former CNN Senior International Correspondent was of attendance, in support of the life-changing work INARA does. After the talk, a Q&A session followed, moderated by both Damon and Ward who explained transparently how INARA helps children and highlighted the necessity of the medical and mental health support we offer this vulnerable population.

During this Event, three stunning prints donated by photographer Adam Dobby were up for silent auction. Additionally, a limited number of Ward’s new book On All Fronts: The Education of a Journalist was available for purchase for £20, signed by ward herself.

All proceeds from the sales went towards INARA’s medical and mental health programs creating life-altering change for so many children in dire need of just that.